23rd June 2017


Gluco Technology has a wide range of equipment to support its polymer reaction
engineering interests which are housed in its own modern premises. Its own facilities
are substantially augmented by those of its formal associates which include other
companies and universities. The ability to carry out work is rarely constrained by the
need for access to equipment.

A particular interest of the company is the design and construction of bespoke
equipment for polymer research i.e. if the means of getting a job done is not available
it will be built. This capability is an off-shoot of the company’s interest in the design
and construction of computer controlled and monitored polymerisation reactors and
polymer processing system

The main in-house facilities include:

  • A range of batch, semi-batch and continuous flow polymerisation reactor system
  • RC1 Calorimetric reactor system with FTIR monitoring
  • A range of reactive extruder systems including a coupled twin-single screw system
  • Cast film line
  • Blown film lines
  • Reaction injection moulding systems
  • Pellet drying facilities
  • Tensometers
  • A range of rheometers
  • Aqueous and non-aqueous GPC systems with a range of detectors
  • Differential scanning calorimeters (DSCs)
  • Dynamic mechanical thermal analysers
  • Water measurement instruments; Karl Fischer; heated balances
  • Infrared spectrometry with full supporting systems
  • UV-visible spectrometer